Old Birthdays

It was extremely hot and beautiful on the day of my birthday. I am wearing mostly vintage and my friend self-made stuff.


Lucky Days

Some days are really better than others. Last week was so black for me, I can’t even start to tell. I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to finish my bachelors thesis, but lo and behold, yesterday I did it! I didn’t plan to do anything fancy to celebrate it, but my friend who is soon off to USA asked me out so we went to hang around oldtown a bit. There’s this bar in Vilnius, which is called Brusly ( yes, after The Bruce Lee) and the food is soooo delicious, inexpensive and filling. Yum. It’s a mix of asian cuisines, those are very popular in Lithuania.

So after that we went looking for some nice place to take photos and found some shabby old courts, but most importantly we went to Bernardinai cemetery. That is the most beautiful and peaceful cemetery in whole country, I’d day. Not to compare with the cemetery of my oldtown I presented a few months ago. Besides these were so green, dark, spooky, really really gothic. You can not ask for more.  And so my friend took some pictures of my outfit during the afternoon.

Btw, I am totally absolutely in love with these cameo earings.

23rst April

Veeery creative title, no? Today I am feeling kind of down but also not so very much. Thanks for the family, friends and mostly to my hobbies for the peace of mind. That always makes me come to terms with myself. So, today was a cold, oh, so cold day for a late April, but in Lithuania it can be quite normal. When I and dad went to take a turn round the city, my hands froze so much later I couldn’t punch the right letters of mobile phone for a while.  As for feeling down and also adventurous and somewhat in a mood for a thirl, I decided that a trip to towns oldest cemetery is due. So here we have it.