The Glamorous Tale of Mad Men

When I first became acquainted with american AMC television series Mad Men over a two years ago, I was struck with the beauty of its costumes. Well, to be absolutely frank, I have dedicated a lot of my life to the history of costume and appreciate it every where I can. So even the brilliant plot of the show went blank to me against the fabulous clothes, accessories, furniture and interiors. From then on I started to long for Joan’s wardrobe and sixties sofa’s and coffee tables.

The Perfect Man Don Draper and his bohemian mistress Migde

Rachel Menken – a Jewish heiress to a high end department store

Draper in his domain – the Sterling Cooper advertisement agency

Betty Draper – quite depressed housewife

Sal Romano. I only put this picture up because the dress that girl is wearing is to die for! And I especially love the hair. I long for such hair do every day

 Betty as seen out of her usually more glamorous looks

Joan Holloway or “Joannie“ – chief secretary

Ambitious Peggy Olson – not quite yet good looking in season one

And so a brief introduction to Mad Men is done. Now the only thing left is to imagine a cloud of cigar smoke, sit back in an armchair with a glass of whiskey and dive into the complexities and glamorousness of the 60’s. I think I wrote “fabulous“ too much  in this post.