The Glamorous Tale of Mad Men

When I first became acquainted with american AMC television series Mad Men over a two years ago, I was struck with the beauty of its costumes. Well, to be absolutely frank, I have dedicated a lot of my life to the history of costume and appreciate it every where I can. So even the brilliant plot of the show went blank to me against the fabulous clothes, accessories, furniture and interiors. From then on I started to long for Joan’s wardrobe and sixties sofa’s and coffee tables.

The Perfect Man Don Draper and his bohemian mistress Migde

Rachel Menken – a Jewish heiress to a high end department store

Draper in his domain – the Sterling Cooper advertisement agency

Betty Draper – quite depressed housewife

Sal Romano. I only put this picture up because the dress that girl is wearing is to die for! And I especially love the hair. I long for such hair do every day

 Betty as seen out of her usually more glamorous looks

Joan Holloway or “Joannie“ – chief secretary

Ambitious Peggy Olson – not quite yet good looking in season one

And so a brief introduction to Mad Men is done. Now the only thing left is to imagine a cloud of cigar smoke, sit back in an armchair with a glass of whiskey and dive into the complexities and glamorousness of the 60’s. I think I wrote “fabulous“ too much  in this post.


Well well well, isn’t this a new beginning?

I have been starting a deleting those little wordpress blogs again and again, but after realising I still had this little thing, I decided to keep it like a lost puppy.  What I like about it, is that I chose the good title. Yes, I love Jane Austen and would always and forever re-read Pride and Prejudice as well as re-watch the 1995 BBC series with Mr. Oh-So-Handsome Colin Firth.

And so this blog will be the continuation and something more of my other blog I write in Lithuanian:  Lady’s Tea Time. That blog was supposed to be historically oriented but over the year floated away into more random things. The purpose, however, remained the same – show as much pretty as possible.

So, this new little haven may be for fun and fashion, and art, and TV, and film, and something serious occasionally. I have in my mind a plan to make it a battle grounds for reality project and TV show fans. One BUT is involved here. It all is going to be a vintage related things. I was and am in my heart a historian and will remain to be so. Be warned for the amount of pretty is going to overwhelm your senses!

23rst April

Veeery creative title, no? Today I am feeling kind of down but also not so very much. Thanks for the family, friends and mostly to my hobbies for the peace of mind. That always makes me come to terms with myself. So, today was a cold, oh, so cold day for a late April, but in Lithuania it can be quite normal. When I and dad went to take a turn round the city, my hands froze so much later I couldn’t punch the right letters of mobile phone for a while.  As for feeling down and also adventurous and somewhat in a mood for a thirl, I decided that a trip to towns oldest cemetery is due. So here we have it.