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Early November

My post titles will never be creative, I can swear on that. So pardon for not putting a few words together for a long time as I tend to forget I have this blog at all. Anyway, now I am kind of high on Glee. Well, not high just addicted. The thing is, when I start watching something I have to finish it. So, I am at the end on the second season. What got me going at first were the musical numbers, but as time went on, they somehow started getting more and more mellow and uninteresting. And then I started noticing Glee fashion. My first victim was the OCDish Miss Pilsbury. I really liked her funny cartoonish outfits. Although I would never dress like that I could relate to the image very well. And then there was the second season, when the cheerleaders ditched their uniforms and turned to casual wear. And one special day I saw Rachel Berry wearing my Zara peter pan collar blouse. I was star struck, what can I say. That is, my blouse was. And Kurt! He is adorable. One day I was pondering whether he was actually wearing Ann Demeulemeester or Alexander Mcqueen.

Anyway, what I wanted to show you today was what I wore just a week ago. We didn’t do anything for Halloween this year due to the special circumstances (which were that we moved to London into a temporary place, where there really isn’t much space for anything more but eating or sleeping and that doesn’t make us very excited for festivities) but instead went out for a little photo shoot. Saw some nice houses and jewellery shops along the way, though. So here we go. My pseudo seventies secretary outfit.


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