Well well well, isn’t this a new beginning?

I have been starting a deleting those little wordpress blogs again and again, but after realising I still had this little thing, I decided to keep it like a lost puppy.  What I like about it, is that I chose the good title. Yes, I love Jane Austen and would always and forever re-read Pride and Prejudice as well as re-watch the 1995 BBC series with Mr. Oh-So-Handsome Colin Firth.

And so this blog will be the continuation and something more of my other blog I write in Lithuanian:  Lady’s Tea Time. That blog was supposed to be historically oriented but over the year floated away into more random things. The purpose, however, remained the same – show as much pretty as possible.

So, this new little haven may be for fun and fashion, and art, and TV, and film, and something serious occasionally. I have in my mind a plan to make it a battle grounds for reality project and TV show fans. One BUT is involved here. It all is going to be a vintage related things. I was and am in my heart a historian and will remain to be so. Be warned for the amount of pretty is going to overwhelm your senses!


About aisteg

Batty historian lady and a constant daydreamer.

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